Amber Holcomb Pregnant with First Child, On the Attack Against Critics

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Amber Holcomb is pregnant with her first child.

But the former American Idol finalist is being forced to defend herself rather than celebrate the occasion.

Amber Holcomb in Red

The 19-year-old posted a picture of a sonogram in late July on Facebook and included with it the following message:

“I’m happy…That’s all that matters…in the end it’s gonna be me and my child and whoever else wants to be there for us. I didn’t ask for this, but I consider it a blessing."

The child's father is Lamar D. Denson and, as you can tell by those words, he and Holcomb aren't exactly a couple.

And while some on Facebook have congratulated Amber on the pregnancy, others have clearly gotten personal in their attacks, prompting Holcomb to defend herself.

“First off. You don’t know what the f–k you talking bout. Lamar has a job and buys his own s–t…and secondly my career is not over honey," she recently Tweeted. ?I have talent which will NEVER GO AWAY. You need a life..GTF!..don’t worry bout me. Ima be good..”

Amber is currently on tour with other American Idol finalists and we wish her the very best.

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