Ellen Kardashian Sues Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kompany for Defamation

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Ellen Kardashian - the widow of Robert Kardashian, who previously sold journal entries from her late husband to the tabloids - has sued Kim Kardashian and her family for defamation.

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Ellen names Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob and Ryan Seacrest Productions in her legal documents, arguing that reality show producers involved her in a recent series storyline that included a private investigator trying to sell her information.

Robert's widow says she refused the bait, but that the mission of the show/family was to make her look like a bitter gold-digger.

Ellen then goes into detail about how the Kardashian insulted her on their program, alleging that she married their dad for money.

In the lawsuit, she also refers to Kris Jenner as a "manipulative and devious mother and ex-wife who simply used and exploited her children." She is seeking unspecified damages.

The rivalry between Ellen and her step-children has been raging for years.

The Kardashian kids actually filed a lawsuit against her this spring, but later dropped it because Ellen did have legal grounds for leaking Robert's journal entries.

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