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Kris Jenner has been exposed once again by In Touch Weekly.

In Part 2 of its supposedly exclusive/accurate report, the tabloid once again opens up the diary of Robert Kardashian and alleges…

Kris never wanted kids! She stole Robert’s gun! In short, she’s a monster!

Pete, Kim, Flavor Flav, Kris

These bombshells were handed over to the magazine by Robert’s widow, Ellen, who has been feuding openly with Kim Kardashian and kompany.


Ellen does not deny that she may have been paid by the tabloid, but she still stands by her late husband’s diary entries.

“I am simply stating the facts and the truth –  their father’s truth,” she says. “I simply delivered hand-written diaries from their father. They are my property at the disposal of whatever I so choose. Robert would have no problem with that.”