Double Stuf Oreos: Not Actually Double Stuffed?!?

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Dan Anderson has some potentially devastating news for fans of a classic dessert.

The Queensbury, New York math teacher asked his students this week to measure the composition of Oreo Double Stuf Cookies in order to test the validity of their name... and the results are anything but encouraging.

Following some intense weighing and serious measuring, the high schoolers concluded that the cookies only contain 1.86 times as much filling as a basic Oreo.

And while that's close to double, this isn't horseshoes or hand grenades, people. The advertised Stuf simply does not measure up.

And while Anderson's classroom findings are disputed by, Mondelez International - the snack brand's parent company - this is eerily reminiscent of a study in January that determined a foot-long Subway sandwich is actually NOT a foot long.

We're very sorry to break it to you, loyal readers.