Debbie Rowe: Paris Jackson "Has No Life," is a Shell of a Person

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Debbie Rowe, the mother of Paris Jackson, wept while talking about her on the witness stand Thursday at the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

"Their father is dead," Debbie Rowe lamented.

Paris and Debbie Rowe

"I almost lost my daughter! She is devastated. She tried to kill herself. She is devastated. She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Paris, 15, attempted suicide in early June.

She is still being treated in a facility for her emotional problems, ones Rowe believes have left her a shell of her former self, and at a loss for everything.

Rowe returned to the witness stand Thursday for a second day of testimony in the small Los Angeles courtroom. Both days, she broke down on the stand.

She was ordered to testify about the star's drug use by lawyers for AEG Live, the concert promoter being sued by MJ's mother and three children.

When she and Jackson divorced after three years in 1999, the singer "got custody of the doctors," she joked, often receiving laughs from the jury.

AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam centered on Jackson's use of prescription drugs, both to deal with pain from scalp surgery, and two times in Germany.

There, doctors used the surgical anesthetic Propofol to treat his insomnia.

Rowe's testimony began Thursday with Jackson's skin problems, which included vitiligo, a condition in which his pigment largely or partially disappeared.

"Everyone says he bleached himself, but he didn't," Debbie Rowe said.

Many visits to Dr. Arnold Klein, the Beverly Hills dermatologist where she worked for 18 years as an assistant, were to treat the condition, she testified.

Jackson compared himself to the "Elephant Man," a 19th-century Englishman who became a circus sideshow curiosity because of severe disfigurements.

"He was worried that people would see the disease or the disfigurement before they would see his music or him working sometimes," Rowe testified.

He also suffered from discoid lupus, which made his skin tissue "mushy."

This was especially true on Jackson's scalp, which was severely burned during a pyrotechnics accident while he was filming a Pepsi ad in 1984.

Two German doctors treated MJ's insomnia with Propofol 12 years before he died of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic, Rowe testified a day earlier.

Dr. Allen Metzger, Jackson's general practitioner in the United States, arranged for the German anesthesiologists to infuse the singer with Propofol.

Rowe feels AEG is largely responsible for MJ's death, however she is their witness, as they feel she will paint a picture of a longtime, often reckless addict.

One whose personal decisions and mistakes they can't be held liable for ... or so they feel. A jury will make that call, possibly with billions on the line.

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