Debbie Rowe: Michael Jackson Was Addicted to Propofol ... For 12 YEARS

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Debbie Rowe is expected to testify at the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial that her ex-husband was addicted to Propofol 12 years before he died.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

At least twice in the '90s, doctors misused a drug similar to Propofol, enabling MJ to sleep through the night - or so TMZ reports she'll tell the jury.

Debbie Rowe will be called to testify by AEG Live, though she views herself as a hostile witness, as she feels AEG is largely responsible for MJ's death.

She is expected to say that in 1997, doctors administered Diprivan (an anesthetic and form of Propofol) to Michael in a Munich, Germany hotel room. 

Rowe will say the drug was administered specifically so Michael could sleep.

The testimony is significant because AEG Live is trying to show Michael Jackson was responsible for his own decisions and misused drugs for years.

Rowe will also say, contrarily, that she never viewed him as a drug addict.

She will testify that was addicted to Demerol, which he used to deal with the pain and anxiety from scalp surgeries after being horribly burned years earlier.

He was not, however, a reckless or out-of-control drug fiend in her eyes. In fact, he had gone to rehab to battle addiction and he was open about it.

Rowe personally injected Michael in the buttocks with Demerol and Vistaril several times while she worked for Dr. Arnold Klein, MJ's closest confidante.

She had no idea that in the last months of Michael's life, Klein (the rumored biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson) gave him Demerol often.

Rowe is expected to say on the stand that she saw a video of MJ leaving Klein's office looking particularly out of it, just days before he died in 2009.

After he passed, she called Klein and said "You killed him. What did you give him?" Rowe also told her therapist that year, "They're [AEG] gonna kill him."

Whether this plays out on the stand - and how a jury reacts, with a BILLION-dollar lawsuit on the line - remains to be seen, but we'll keep you posted.

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