The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Questions and Answers

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Vicki's looking for answers on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Gretchen, on the other hand, is looking to pop the question!

Oh, and Terry sold their house for $16.4 million dollars. No big deal. (Hey, remember when Tamra pretended to be Heather's realtor??)

Let's catch up with these OC Housewives with our THG +/- recap!

Heather Dubrow Is Happy

Gretchen's at home with her puppies, finally back in town from Canada and filling Slade in on the drama with Tamra. And apparently Heather sent her some pretty condescending text messages that make Heather seem like a Jealous Julie. 

Green's not a great color for you, Heather. Minus 12.

Terry takes Heather to a beautiful lot with a view of the harbor. $16,450,000 for their custom home. All because they need a 4th bedroom upstairs. 

Somehow, they're going from a 15,000 square foot home to a 17,000 square foot home and that's going to allow Terry to work less and be home more. Huh. Interesting.

Eddie and Tamra are two weeks out from the grand opening of their fitness studio. They've finally gotten a moment to get together and have dinner and Tamra asks the waitress if the restaurant they're at does weddings. Eddie scoffs. Minus 10.

She asks him to be honest with her. He shows no interest in planning a wedding and she wants to know what he's thinking. He says the last thing on his mind is the wedding because the wedding isn't going to pay the bills. Then he tells her to stop pressuring him.

Tamra's not going to plan a wedding until Eddie gives her a date. He tells her to get a wedding planner and she says they need a date first.

And they have a date! Plus 30. On June 22nd Tamra Barney will become Mrs. Judge. (Actually it was June 13th. I guess the chapel wasn't available on their original date.)

Tamra And Eddie Set A Date

Vicki had an allergic reaction to her eyelashes. Minus 8.

She's going to Napa to distill and test Vicki's Vodka. Brooks will be there. Minus 10. Briana's not happy about the fact that he's leeched on to Vicki's Vodka. 

Baby Troy looks exactly like his dad. Exactly. Plus 2.

Vicki says she doesn't need a man to support her but she wants a partner. Briana tells her to keep looking. Vicki says they need to agree to disagree and huffs out to catch her flight.

Alexis has invited Gretchen to lunch to chat after their trip to Whistler. Alexis should maybe not attempt these meetings without Lydia and her peace pipe.

Gretchen wants to know why Alexis never reached out and Alexis says she reached out on Twitter. Alexis starts to cry. Minus 12.

Alexis really wants to make amends and be friends with Gretchen again but Gretchen's having no part of it. She doesn't know how they go back to where they were before and she's not really interested in trying.

Poor Alexis thought they'd hug and make up and skip out of the restaurant holding hands after exchanging BFF bracelets. Nope. Minus 8

Alexis Bellino Cries

Slowly but surely, every other woman is isolating herself from Gretchen and it's kind of weird to see. Maybe it's the editing but it really doesn't seem like Gretchen is doing anything overtly worthy of everyone dropping her. Aside from being kind of a ditz, which she's always been. 

Doug and Lydia are hosting their Life Group. Life Group is a bunch of people who are going through life together. And share cake and tea. Plus 7

Lydia's "natural trait" is to be silly. That's her gift from God. Silliness. 

Really, Lydia? That's the best you can do? 

Vicki and Brooks are with two other business partners and she refers to him in the past tense like he's not there at all. Then says "I don't know what we are!" like that's not an awkward car ride. Minus 8.

She keeps saying Brooks isn't her business partner. Robert is her business partner. Brooks is the idea man. 

Vicki's Bacon Vodka

When they sample the bacon vodka, she names her signature drink the "Bloody Piggy" as both a nod and weird reverse insult to Slade. 

Alexis is on her way to film a pilot for an FBI drama and she says, of her marriage, that right now "the I of he and I is much" 

Yeah. I don't understand her either.

She feels comfortable with her acting ability because of the classes she's been taking. And she knows that Heather and Gretchen haven't been called for this role. Plus 4.

She's reading for the role of a child psychologist. When she reads the lines "I'm just going to show you a picture" she actually draws a picture to show it to the producers reading with her.

Ha. Hahahahhaha. Minus 6.

Alexis knows she's no Julia Roberts, but she hopes that maybe she can play "a day in the life of Jennifer Aniston" because Jennifer's just so cute!

Ha. Hahaha. Hahahhahaha. Minus 8.

I can't tell if the producer is feeding her a line with his "a lot of things are starting to happen right now" or if he legitimately thought she gave a convincing read. 

Gretchen Records A Song

Gretchen's hitting the recording studio to put down the vocals to a track she's going to use to propose to Slade. She knows she's not the best singer, and the songwriters have the blank stare going hardcore when she tells them that she and Slade were praying for each other at the same time.

But this is coming from her heart. Plus 9

I wish you could see the look on the producers' faces after she sings. Priceless.

Vicki and Brooks head to dinner and she wants to tell him thank you no matter where they, personally, end up. He responds with "you're only as strong as your weakest link."

Um. Minus 12.

She wishes they were still together like they used to be. And in order to tell him that she tells him about the stories Lauri told her. He denies it all saying he's just a big tipper and has been trying to stay far away from her friends.

She believes him. Minus 20.

Vicki Has Dinner With Brooks

Vicki tells him that Briana has been staying with Ryan so she'd like to have him over to the house when Briana's away. He's not hearing it. He believes Vicki's allowing herself to be pushed around by her "adult grown daughter who is now a mother" and seems to want Vicki to choose him over Briana. 

Vicki tells him that he's confused when it comes to the two of them and he says no, he's not, but she is. He's not going to sit around and wait on her and Briana is tearing them apart.

Finally, he spells it out for her. They're dating, but they're not exclusively dating. They're going to make a lot of money together. He wants the best for her but things have to change for them to be together. So now Vicki can stop asking if they're dating or not dating.


The Real Housewives of Orange County Review

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