Mexico: Fatter Than The United States!

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Stand up and celebrate, America. Go ahead, you can do it. A new survey proves as much:

American is no longer the fattest country in the world!

According to a new report from the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, Mexico has taken over the top spot as the world's fattest developed nation, bumping the U.S. to second.

Long burger

The results are based on percentage of residents 20 years of age and over whose BMI (Body Mass Index) is at least 30.

Nearly one-third of Mexicans fall under this classification, while United States citizens are at 31.8 percent.

Syria (31.6 percent) is on our plump tail in third, while Venezuela and Libya are tied for fourth at 30.8 percent.

Abelardo Avila, a physician with Mexico's National Nutrition Institute, says obesity is a "serious epidemic" in his nation and cites malnourishment among the poor as a leading cause of this poor showing.

The report states that around 12 percent of the world's developed population is overweight.

But you aren't the worst, America! Go ahead and eat some funfetti cookies as a reward. Or maybe just one.

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