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Lil Twist is in big trouble with the law.

The rapper and close friend of Justin Bieber was arrested this morning in Calabasas, California on suspicion of drunk driving.

And, yes, he was once again behind the wheel of Bieber’s Fisker Karma.

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Authorities tell TMZ that Lil was pulled over around 3:30 a.m. for speeding. He was reportedly headed to Bieber’s mansion, but officers detected the 20-year old was under the influence of a foreign substance.

He was therefore booked at a nearby station for DUI.

Lil Twist has been cited for reckless driving multiple times in the past, with many believing his association with Bieber has contributed to the latter’s downfall.

Now that Selena Gomez has allegedly taken Justin back – under the condition he stop acting like a douchebag – it’s safe to wonder:

Should Bieber finally kick Twist to the curb?