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They’ve been back, they’ve been forth and now they are apparently together again… with a major catch.

Sources confirm that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber ARE back together, as evidenced by the photo of the couple on July 4, the date on which Bieber allegedly made a promise to Gomez:

He would stop acting like such a douchebag.

Ever since the pair split in late 2012, Bieber’s behavior has noticeably changed.

He’s driven around recklessly (a lot), he’s got into screaming matches with his neighbors, he’s peed into mop buckets and cursed off Bill Clinton.


Selena has looked down on the young man Justin has become, but he finally convinced his fellow artist last week that he could change his ways.

According to TMZ, she believes him and Jelena is most definitely a go once more.

Can the pretty singer tame his yearning-to-be-wild heart? Or will the Wild Boyz and overall bros-before-hos philosophy win out? You tell us, THGers:

Do you think there’s a real future for Bieber and Gomez?