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The Captain is coming back, Yankee fans.

With his team struggling to score runs and standing at just 48-42, Derek Jeter has been cleared to return from a broken ankle today.

He will be in the lineup for New York when it concludes a four-game set against the Kansas City Royals.

Hannah and Derek
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“We looked at the weather patterns and I just decided to make the move for today,” General Manager Brian Cashman told ESPN. “Derek was scheduled to DH in Scranton, so I figured, he could DH and sit around in the rain in Scranton, or he can DH and sit around in the rain in the Bronx. We chose the Bronx.”


Jeter’s return comes at a key time for the Yankees.

Their win last night stopped a three-game skid in which they scored three runs… total.

The team has been especially inept against left-handed pitching, with no right-handed batter hitting a home run at Yankee Stadium since May 16.

It’s unclear whether Jeter will DH or play shortstop this afternoon, but let there be no doubt: he will be welcomed back with a standing ovation by an excited Bronx crowd.