Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Brody Jenner Kalls Out Kris as Bad Stepmom, Person

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Family drama is par for the course on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but this week saw more bitterness than the usual Kim Kardashian-related fare.

Brody Jenner kind of sort of full on went after stepmonster-in-law Kris Jenner for caring more about money and celebrity gossip attention than family.

Ouch. How did this come about and how did it play out?

Let's break it all down below in THG's official recap!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Finale Reunion Stage Photo

Things did not get off on the right wrong foot between Kris and Brody, to put it mildly, when she didn't invite him to Greece for the big family trip.

Once that slight had been rectified, she spent the whole time making awkward overtures to win him over. Already we're at a Minus 100 here, Kris.

And oh, did it get worse from there ...

At one point, she rubbed sunscreen on his back in one of the most uncomfortable scenes ever presented to audiences on this or any other show.

Minus 500, because you can't unsee that.

Kris: “I feel like he sort of judges me. A lot of times, he takes me the wrong way. Like he doesn’t get my humor. I just want him to be part of the family.”

Woman is apparently oblivious to the fact that Bruce Jenner left his mom and married Kris when Brody was young, and that this has shaped who he is.

Brody, in a later confessional: "Over the years growing up, I thought Kris was the reason I didn’t see my father and kind of painted her as the villain.”

It has to be on Kris to realize this, as Brody was a young kid, and be the bigger person who makes the first move. But she just won't or doesn't. Minus 100.

Not that this is his only issue with a woman he otherwise loves. Oh no. As tension boiled over, he accused her of loving a lavish life more than anything.

Brody Jenner actually told her to look at her life and ask what's really important. When she says that her kids are happy, he responds, "That's a lie."

Plus 400 for letting it out, even if he was being a bit harsh.

He adds, "I don’t think you’ve ever given two shits about the way Brandon and I have grown up.” Okay, Minus 100 for just piling it on at this stage.

Kris broke down in tears - genuine or not - after this.

"This was just one of the most hurtful attacks, I think, that has ever been thrown my way. I have tried so hard for so many years," she lamented.

Without question, some of Brody's anger at Kris is displaced anger at Bruce, which isn't entirely fair, but at least Bruce has owned up to his shortcomings.

We've already seen him talk to Brody man-to-man about it and pledge to do better. With Kris ... we're guessing Brody just isn't a big fan in any way.

Time will tell if they patch this up, but it made for one of the more serious Keeping Up episodes (we can't believe we wrote that either) in recent memory.

Elsewhere, Kourtney Kardashian initially said she felt okay that Scott Disick wasn’t there for the start of the trip, but as usual, she really meant otherwise.

Especially when photos of him clubbing solo with babes hit the Internet, and she saw Brandon and Leah Jenner have some romantic alone time.

Minus 100, as always, for Scott being Scott, and Kourt being Kourt. Much as we like them, he needs to man up, and she needs to lay down the law.

Finally, the gang made a YOLO pact - not to let life's experiences pass them by because they're old and boring. Scripted, but fun times all around. Plus 100.


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