True Blood Recap: "In the Evening"

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True Blood has not been messing around the last couple weeks.

Terry took a bullet seven days ago and now Nora has met the True Death, via an ingestion of Hepatitis V that left her a disintegrated mess in a sobbing Eric's arms.

Remember when this series never actually killed anyone off? Bravo to the writers for upping the stakes in such a fashion. There was no twist to the ending of "In the Evening," no last-minute save by Bill or Warlow. There was simply tears by a brother and a brave goodbye from a sister.

Farewell, Nora

Aside from the emotion it invoked, Nora's passing ought to bring Eric and Bill back together again. (No, not like that... even though this is True Blood).

The look they shared to conclude the hour and the pain Bill felt at seeing Nora in such a state makes it evident that these frenemies will soon be teaming up - and that only means good things for us viewers.


  • Holy sex scenes! Sam got it on in the shower. Jessica finally got railed by a vampire. Even Sooki lay naked with Warlow following their light-based roll in the faerie hay.
  • Does anyone really care about Alcide at this point? Especially when he's wearing a shirt? His storyline just feels so far removed from everything else going on.
  • Poor Arlene. At least she has a few cans of PBR to keep her company. And at least Andy seems to be maturing into a reliable relative.
  • Pam is at her scene-stealing best on True Blood Season 6. Every moment in therapy is pure gold for this character.
  • Stockholder's Syndrome, Jason?!? HA! Never change.

What did everyone else think of the latest True Blood episode? Will you miss Nora?

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