Fan Interrupts All-Star Game After Earning 1,000 Re-Tweets, Gets PUMMELED By Security

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If you've ever thought "I'm going to do something stupid if Twitter tells me to", let this be a cautionary tale. Or, you know, don't even consider basing a decision on thousands of faceless strangers in the first place.

This man is named Dylan McCue-Masone. Dylan tweeted during last night's All-Star Game that he would run out onto the field if he got 1,000 retweets.

Now, I'm a fan of twitter, and I know how exciting it can be when someone RT's you (well I've heard it's exciting) but surely it wouldn't cause someone to do something on the edge of legality, right?


See Dylan got those RT's and Dylan took to the field. That is where he was taken to the ground, in a not so gentle manner, by a group of Citi-Field security workers. 

Even Dylan's mom thought it was a horrible idea, begging him not to listen to Twitter. How do we know this? Well Dylan posted the image of his text conversation with his mom shortly before his ill fated jaunt through left field.

Now poor, misguided Dylan possibly faces charges and maybe bail? Perhaps he can turn to Kickstarter to cover that.

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