Amanda Bynes: My Nose Is Broken! I'm Bruised! Can't Wait For Next Surgery!

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If there's anything Amanda Bynes loves more than calling people ugly and posing weird selfies of herself on Twitter, it's getting some plastic surgery.

And basically live Tweeting the results.

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"My Nose Is Broken I'm Bruised I Can't Wait For My Next Surgery," she reports. "My Surgeon Broke My Nose During My Surgery But Hasn't Finished My Nose!"

"It's Still Broken And I Can't Breathe!"


Bynes first underwent the procedure in June, telling fans, "I'm having surgery on my nose! I'm going to post a video of some of the procedure on my twitter!"

Later, she added, "I made it out of surgery alive! Haha! I'll post the video soon! I need one more procedure to thin out the bridge of my nose!"


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After claiming her recent plastic surgery was to fix "webbing" between her eyes, Bynes went on to reveal that she enjoys going under the knife.

"I Love Surgery," she wrote before posting plans to alter her entire appearance, "I Plan On Having Surgery On My Whole Face Straight Up."

The star's apparent obsession with unnecessary cosmetic procedures - not to mention Amanda Bynes' weight loss of late - has many people worried.

Seriously. It's one thing to call Barack and Michelle Obama ugly and encourage Mac Miller to hop on your d--k. Quite another to physically ruin yourself.

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