Amanda Bynes: Barack and Michelle Obama are UGLY!

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Barack and Michelle Obama have officially made Amanda Bynes' ugly list.

“Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” she tweeted Monday.

Amanda Bynes on the Street
Barack and Michelle Obama Photograph

It's unclear why the troubled 27-year-old actress added the President and First Lady to a slew of others she’s previously labeled less than attractive.

Perhaps it dates back to April 2012, when she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after reportedly sideswiping a police car.

Obama, despite Amanda Bynes' social media pleas, did NOTHING.

“I don’t drink ... please fire the cop who arrested me,” she requested of the President of the United States on Twitter. “I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

In any case, it's been a rough ride for the actress of late.

Obamas Tweet

As the 27-year-old celebrity continues to throw shade on Twitter, people are either tuning her out or dishing it back after each "ugly" tweet she posts.

"You're ugly on the inside AND outside!" one follower wrote in response to Bynes' post to the Obamas. "But uglier." "U took it too far," another wrote.

While some Bynes followers agreed with her, others simply felt it was in bad taste. "Wow. You're a horrible person," another responded. "Truly horrible."

Wherever you stand on the ugly list or the Obamas' looks, public concern for Amanda Bynes' weight loss and plastic surgery obsession is mounting.

Seriously. Girl is a little out of control in both areas.

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