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Tan Mom is spiraling out of control, but she is getting help.

We can all thank none other than Michael Lohan for that.

The overly bronzed woman also known as Patricia Krentcil was arrested and placed into a detox facility following complaints at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Michael Lohan Really Sucks!
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That’s when MiLo obviously reached out to her.


“Evidently she heard that I was trying to get Lindsay into Lukens because it’s high end and individualized treatment,” Lindsay Lohan‘s dad told E!

“She reached out to me through friends,” he noted.

“Ironically, she went to the same high school as me (Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.), but actually [was] in my younger brother’s class.”

The rehab mentor was spotted taking the troubled Tan Mom to the treatment facility on Thursday in Palm Beach, Fla., even carrying her bags for her.

Michael added Patricia wasn’t what he expected.

“I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when I met her because she was nothing like people made her out to be. If she stays with ‘the program’ she will beat her addictions.”

With his help, how can she fail?!