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Paris Jackson’s legal guardianship won’t change in light of her recent suicide attempt, but Debbie Rowe will be keeping a watchful eye on things.

A probate court investigator had been tasked with determining if her co-guardians – Katherine Jackson and T.J. Jackson – were doing a sufficient job.

At least for now, it looks like they are.

Paris Jackson with Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

A judge decided not to change the current setup, TMZ reports.

The probate court investigator met with Debbie Rowe, Paris’ biological mother and the woman she may be closest to these days, to discuss the situation. 


Rowe told the investigator that she actually believes T.J., Paris’ cousin, is doing a great job as guardian, as is Katherine, considering her age and health.

So basically, she wants to remain involved, but isn’t rocking the boat.

Debbie does not want to undermine Michael’s will or to go against his mother, who she greatly respects, if it is not 100 percent in Paris’ best interest.

But if the situation gets worse, she still could file for guardianship.

For now, however, Rowe feels the guardianship works fine – especially since Paris can still spend amounts of indefinite time with Debbie if all parties allow it.