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Testifying in a pre-taped video, a healthy-looking Paris Jackson spoke out at the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Filmed before the 15-year-old would be hospitalized after a suicide attempt, Paris’ deposition pertained to the former family nanny, Grace Rwaramba.

Per CNN, the deposition of Paris Jackson was an attempt by AEG Live’s lawyers to counter testimony by former Jackson personal chef Kai Chase.

Chase reportedly depicted Grace Rwaramba as a nurturing figure to Michael Jackson’s three children and claimed she “was the mother they knew.”

Paris Jackson with Boyfriend Gabriel Glenn

In her testimony, however, Paris, appeared to have a different take.


“My dad didn’t like her, so he tried to keep her away from us,” recalled a lively and engaged Paris, 15. “So he’d send her to run errands a lot.”

According to the teen, although the nanny had been let go, she kept coming back because MJ “felt bad ’cause she didn’t really have a lot of money.”

“He said she was sneaky,” Paris claims her dad told her at one point.

“She wasn’t an honest person,” Jackson said, “and she lied a lot.”

Paris recounted an incident in which Rwaramba got “really creepy.”

“When [Michael Jackson] would stay at a hotel, she would call the hotel and say that she was his wife. She was obsessed with him,” Paris testified.

“And they’d let her in, and he’d wake up, and she’d be, like, in his bed,” the teen added. “That’s what he told us…Yeah, kinda creepy.”

The late pop legend’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has sued AEG Live on behalf of her son’s estate, accusing the concert promoter of negligence.

By virtue of hiring Dr. Conrad Murray and playing a role in the pop star’s death from a Propofol overdose, the family is seeking $40 BILLION dollars.

Paris, meanwhile, is on the mend. Hopefully for good.