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Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra was let out of Victorville Federal Correctional Complex in California on Thursday after just six and a half months.

Dykstra was sentenced to do time in December for bankruptcy fraud, one count of concealment of assets, and one count of money laundering.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and was then accused of illegally hiding and selling up to $400,000 worth of possessions from inside his mansion.

Lenny Dykstra Back in the Day

Lenny had also been serving a three-year sentence for grand theft auto and falsifying myriad financial statements, beginning in March last year.

The sentences were rolled together, however, and served concurrently. As for the grand theft auto case, we have no idea how he’s out so soon.

The fallen star will now perform 500 hours community service, undergo drug testing, repay $200,000 to creditors and be forced to watch Mets games.

Just kidding. About the last part.