Jackson Family to Debbie Rowe: Back Off Paris!

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Michael Jackson's family is outraged and prepared to put forth a united front in opposition to any effort to make Debbie Rowe guardian of Paris Jackson.

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Rowe, Paris' biological mother, has not made any move to become her guardian after last week's suicide attempt, but she's open to it if Paris wants it.

Paris Jackson is having trouble connecting with grandmother Katherine, and recently established a bond with mom Debbie over the last few months.

While Paris' identity crisis and desire to get to know her mother are no doubt genuinely motivated, family members say Debbie's angle is quite different.

Basically, they say she just wants to put herself in the public eye.

They point to her statement to the media after the suicide attempt. One source told TMZ, "If her intentions were pure she'd be speaking to the family."

The family will fight Debbie "tooth and nail" if she attempts to secure guardianship of the troubled teen, which is a real possibility, says the gossip site.

Their criticism of Rowe is puzzling, however, since Debbie has been laying low for YEARS, even when MJ died and Katherine went missing last year.

Moreover, her "statement" about Paris had nothing to do with legal guardianship; Rowe merely confirmed that Paris had in fact attempted suicide.

Rowe also received a substantial settlement from Jackson upon their divorce, which hurts the argument that she is solely motivated by fiscal interests.

In any case, the judge in the custody case is currently reviewing Katherine Jackson's guardianship to determine if she's able to properly care for Paris.

If she's not, Rowe could make a play if Paris is amenable.

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