Debbie Rowe: Guardian of Paris Jackson ... If Teen Makes the Request

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Is Debbie Rowe poised to become Paris Jackson's legal guardian after all these years?

If the 15-year-old wants it, and she very well might, in light of recent events, it's likely.

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The custody judge in the teen's guardianship case has ordered an investigation into her welfare after the stunning Paris Jackson suicide attempt last week.

Debbie Rowe has, thus far, made no attempt to become Paris' legal guardian. That title belongs to Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, and T.J. Jackson.

T.J., Tito's son, is Paris' cousin. He was installed as co-guardian last summer, but all of this could change if the judge deems it in Paris' best interest.

With his own wife and kids, T.J.'s role has been marginal, according to TMZ, and Paris feels that Katherine, while loving, is not "connected" to her life.

Paris and Debbie have developed an intense relationship in recent months, and the judge will no doubt weigh this factor if Paris pushes for a change.

Moreover, if Paris Jackson wants Debbie Rowe as her guardian, which insiders say it's a "likely" scenario, Debbie would gladly accept the responsibility.

When Michael Jackson died in June 2009, Debbie voiced concern about the welfare of her children, Paris and Prince, but accepted Katherine as guardian.

As long as the kids were protected, she has never made an effort to be involved, but things changed recently when Paris started reaching out to her.

Debbie never waived her right to a guardianship, as some sources have erroneously reported, and a judge would no doubt take her overtures seriously.

Not only is she her biological mother, but she's forged a real bond with her lately. Do you think maybe this change is just what the youngster needs?

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