Ariana Grande Denies Eating Disorder, Is Spiritual

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Ariana Grande has taken to Tumblr to shoot down talk that she has an eating disorder.

Despite a clear loss of weight over over the past few months, the young star of Nickelodeon's Victorious says it's actually the opposite:

She's focusing healthy recipes and good nutrition, not an especially tiny figure.

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Grande writes that she “stopped eating junk food and started making healthy choices," explaining in a detailed post:

“The lifestyle change I chose to make last August is not and was never about being skinnier. I just wasn’t taking care of myself at all. I was making really poor choices.

"The reason why I lost as much weight as I did is because I used to live on junk food. I’ve struggled with awful hypoglycemia for my whole life and it’s improved a ton since I changed my eating habits.”

And the rising star also touched on her spiritual side, considering fans have been asking ever since seeing her wear a red string for Kabbalah.

“I’ve always been a little bit of everything when it comes to religion. I was born Roman Catholic and I still go to church sometimes and of course celebrate Christmas and Easter and go get my ashes on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday," Grande said, adding:

"I grew up in Boca so I celebrated Jewish holidays with all of my closest friends and know a bit of Hebrew... Nobody knows this but I also meditate every day and do spiritual energy work. So I’m kind of all over the place as far as religion / spirituality, but I like it all."

And that's all well and good. Healthy for one's mind and beliefs, even.

Let's just hope the same really can be said for her eating habits.