World Trade Center Spire: Hoisted Atop New Building at Ground Zero

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Construction crews at the World Trade Center hoisted a spire adorned with an American flag to the top of the site's signature One World Trade Center building.

Workers symbolically raised the WTC spire to a temporary work platform atop the structure's roof, where ironworkers can later permanently attach it.


When fully installed, One World Trade Center will stand a symbolic 1,776 feet high, making the new building the tallest in the Western Hemisphere.

The 408-foot spire will also serve as a broadcast antenna.

The raising of the WTC spire had been scheduled for Monday, but was postponed because of weather issues. Today, it went up in all its glory.

One World Trade Center is the primary building of the new complex at the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

It is being built at the northwest corner of the 16-acre WTC site, which being rebuilt with the 72-story Four World Trade Center and other buildings.

The 104-story One World Trade Center skyscraper will replace the eight-story Six World Trade Center, which was torn down for the construction.

For workers on the site, the memories of 9/11 are impossible to escape.

Just last month, a piece of landing gear believed to be from one of the planes was discovered wedged between a mosque site and another building.

It was found by surveyors inspecting the Lower Manhattan site of a planned Islamic community center about three blocks from Ground Zero.