Teen Mom 3 Premiere: Coming This August!

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Teen Mom 2 just wrapped up another scandal-plagued season, and MTV has still not announced whether the show will return for a fifth campaign.

What it has announced, though, is that Teen Mom 3 will debut in August!

Teen Mom 3 Cast and Maci Bookout

The Teen Mom 3 cast - Alexandria Sekella, Mackenzie Douthit, Briana DeJesus, and Katie Yeager - aren't even going to know what hits them.

There will be fame, "fortune," tabloids, and rumors galore, that's for sure ... and luckily from the looks of the pic above, Maci Bookout is there to help.

The girls were in New York filming what is believed to be their first season reunion special with Bookout, a cast member on the original Teen Mom.

As MTV mentors go, they could do worse honestly.

Maci, for her part, is working hard to raise her son Bentley, while getting an education, bettering her life and generally trying to stay out of the spotlight.

Novel concept, we know.

Hopefully, the Teen Mom 3 cast follows her lead and not that of Jenelle or Amber (or Farrah for that matter), but with the show's track record, well ...

Let's just say it could go either way.

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