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The cast of MTV’s Teen Mom 3 has been unveiled: 16 & Pregnant alumni Mackenzie Douthit, Katie Yeager, Alexandria Sekella and Briana Dejesus will star!

“Here we are,” Mackenzie Douthit tweeted, with a picture of the four girls:

Briana Dejesus and Alex Sekella tweeted the same picture, with Briana writing “Teen mom 3 love my girls!” while Alex’s caption read “My new BFF’s.”

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For her part, Katie Yeager re-tweeted this from some guy: “My wifey @Katiebyeager is gonna be on #TeenMom3…congrats can’t wait to see you on TV.”

NOTE: No way Katie Yeager is his actual wifey.

Anyway, there you go. The Teen Mom 3 cast.

MTV has yet to officially confirm the casting or a premiere date, but Teen Mom 2 Season 3 is set to premiere this month, so look for it within two weeks.

A rundown on the new ladies from 16 and Pregnant:

  1. Mackenzie Douthit: A 16-year-old cheerleader got pregnant by her bull-riding boyfriend, Josh McKee. They have a baby son, Gannon. She and Josh are still together and not using protection. This idea is supported by her mom, who believes it encourages premarital sex. Yes, you read that right.
  2. Alex Sekella: The aspiring dancer became pregnant by deadbeat boyfriend Matt McCann. Alex considered adoption, but kept her daughter, Arabella, even after Matt was MIA. Legal issues prevented Matt, a drug addict, from attending the reunion, but they are still sleeping together.
  3. Briana DeJesus: Briana’s storyline was shared by her sister, Brittany, who was also pregnant. Brittany had an abortion, while Briana kept her baby, daughter Nova Star. Baby daddy Devoin Austin has never supported his daughter, though he says he will do better going forward.
  4. Katie Yeager: Katie has a rare supportive baby daddy in boyfriend Joey Maes. Times are hard financially, but he is at least trying to support the family, who live in their own house, with his mining job. Katie is also attending school and using birth control.

Hey, one out of four isn’t too too bad, right?

Excited for the premiere of Teen Mom 3?