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We have a new twist in the apparent reconciliation of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

According to a Star Magazine source, Selena didn’t just fly to Norway last month because she missed her ex-boyfriend.

She was apparently “brought it by Justin’s mentor and best friend, Pastor Judah Smith, to stop [Bieber] from falling apart.”

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

Bieber, of course, has been making news for all the wrong reasons over the past few months, smoking pot…spitting at neighbors… and taking his shirt off at odd times.


“Pastor Judah pleaded with Selena to fly to Norway,” alleges the tabloid insider. “She’s the only person who can stop Justin from having a breakdown.”

While it’s unclear just what the status of this relationship is, the source adds that Justin has “lost his way” and “needs her more than ever.” As for Selena?

“She wants to at least be friends again.”

And her pals hope that’s all it is. Another report this week says those close to Gomez are encouraging her to stay away from Bieber.