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We now interrupt Farrah Abraham sex tape coverage for a look back at last night’s Teen Mom 2, in which we pick up after Jenelle’s latest blowout fight.

Meanwhile, Leah walks down the aisle with a special man at her side, Kailyn and Javi fast-track their own nuptials, and Chelsea is sick and “stressed.”

Read all about it and more in THG’s official Teen Mom 2 recap!

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

After the fight between Jenelle Evans and Gary Head, she obviously leans on that asshat Kieffer Delp for support. Minus 100 for never, ever learning.

As Jenelle recounts the violent altercation between herself and Gary, it’s clear she wants nothing to do with him anymore … well, at least for a few days.

She tells Tori that Gary ripped the ring off her finger and tried to strangle her with a bed sheet, which is probably blatantly untrue knowing her. Minus 100.


Evans is also hurting legally, having been arrested and hit with possession of marijuana and other charges, but her lawyer says she can fight them.

Dustin must be some lawyer. Plus 40.

Not surprisingly, Barbara is not happy she’s back with Kieffah, but says if Kieffah isn’t getting high all the time and gets his life on track, she’s OK with it.

So … she’s not OK with it. Plus 60.

The episode actually ends on a group hug for Jenelle Evans! Is that a first? A one-week reprieve from epic fights may not seem like much, but baby steps! Plus 50!

Leah Messer’s baby daddy and former husband Corey Simms is still livid about the child support thing, even though he’s gotten off easy in a way.

Those MTV paychecks help, no? Ungrateful … Minus 50.

Leah is still planning her wedding ceremony with Jeremy (they already wed at the courthouse), and wants her biological dad to walk her down the aisle.

Mom Dawn isn’t opposed to reaching out, and thinks her husband Lee (Leah’s stepdad) will support that. Nice to see cooler heads prevailing! Plus 100.

Leah reaches out and her dad agrees. Aww. Plus 50.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin didn’t get married in Vegas, but she still wants to fast-track this thing. Mostly for the health benefits, but also for love.

Insurance is no joke these days though. Plus 50.

Will Jo let Kail, Isaac and Javi move away from him? It’s unclear, but they don’t need him to sign off on their wedding, which looks like a go! Plus 50.

The couple seems to be doing well nowadays too. He got Kailyn Lowry pregnant a second time, so clearly they’re happy and thriving in their marriage!

Chelsea Houska has mono, and is forced to move yet again. When is this girl not forced to move or crying about something? That seems like her thing.

Minus 100 for always being so “stressed.” Come ON, girl. We get it. Life is not what you dreamed it would be, but at some point you nut up and move on.

She actually wants to take a break from school to deal with all this. Amazing. Even more amazing is that Randy seems to support the idea, mostly.

He notes that she bails on things and doesn’t go back, and wants her to fulfill her end of the bargain. What do we think are the odds of that happening?

Later, before she even goes on hiatus mind you, we learn that Chelsea only has a 56 percent attendance rate, and an average of 60 percent in all classes.

Time off? Maybe not the best move right now. Minus 200.