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Kanye West has been sued.

No, not for being the idiot who knocked up Kim Kardashian and gave her yet another way to stay in the news and make million

For allegedly stealing a few seconds of some heretofore unknown track titled “Bumpin’ Bus Stop.”

Ye and Kim Kardashian
Photo via Getty Images

Trena Steward and Lorenzo Pryor – two of the children of the man who recorded that single in 1974 – claim their father’s voice can be heard saying “Get down” three times, echoing Kanye’s line, “Get down girl, get down, get down” on the smash “Gold Digger.”

The 2005 smash, that is.


It’s unclear why this lawsuit has taken so long to be filed, but Steward and Pryor are asking a judge to stop the sale of “Gold Digger.”

They are also seeking unspecified damages, of course.

We’re gonna take a wild guess here and say they won’t receive any.