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In another high point for the Teen Mom franchise resume, a Farrah Abraham sex tape is being shopped to various distributors, according to reports.

The sex video was recently filmed, so she’s 21 in it.

Farrah Abraham and a male partner – it’s not clear whom – slap bodies for about 30 minutes, and we are talking full-on sex here, in various positions.

The person selling the tape – again, not clear whom – has already shown it to some of the biggest XXX companies in the market and wants to deal.

This would be unprecedented in the Teen Mom world.


While these girls get arrested left and right, and we’ve seen Jenelle Evans nude photos all over the web, a sex tape would make Farrah peerless.

Speaking of getting arrested, she was arrested on suspicion of DUI just last month, when police pulled her over and say she blew nearly twice the legal limit.

Farrah sant she wasn’t driving drunk, only parking, which raises doubts regarding the single mom’s intelligence, decision making and judgment.

Then again, this is a story about her sex tape, so …

UPDATE: It’s real! And co-stars James Deen! He confirmed he hit that on video and that the two even got tested together before making it … YESTERDAY.

Would you watch their romp?