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In the wake of MTV’s announcement that Buckwild is canceled, producers and cast members alike lashed out at the network for its alleged hypocrisy.

Specifically, the fact that Teen Mom 2, which stars hell-raiser Jenelle Evans and some believe glorifies teen pregnancy, continues to be on the air.

Well, Shae Bradley & Co. may soon get their wish. Reports are circulating that the current fourth season of TM2 may be that show’s last as well.

Kailyn Lowry, who’s come under fire herself this year, reportedly said, “We didn’t even get a go for another season so it’s not like we’re one up on them.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but does raise some questions.


Was Kailyn confirming what has been rumored long before Shain Gandee’s death and the Buckwild controversy – that MTV is axing Teen Mom 2?

Sources close to the show say they are “90% sure it is over,” but MTV has not commented one way or the other on the future of Kail, Jenelly & Co.

In any case, Lowry’s apparent domestic violence incident with husband Javi Marroquin gave it a pair of poster children for out of control stars this season.

It’s not surprising that the Buckwild cast feels slighted, though MTV says it simply didn’t feel it appropriate to continue the show in Gandee’s absence.

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