Police Lamborghini: Introduced in Dubai

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Police officers in Dubai are set to travel in style.

Very fast style, that is.

The police force in that rich nation has unveiled its latest patrol car: a specially modified, Lamborghini Aventador that can reach 217 mph and travel from 0-60 in three seconds.

Good luck getting away now, criminals!

police Lamborghini

While the car may seem excessive (because it is) Dubai dealt with 122 road deaths last year, many of them on the Sheikh Zayed highway.

With gas cheaper than drinking water in the country, many get behind the wheel and many reach speeds over 130 mph, according to official figures in March. Even Justin Bieber would scoff at that number.

Is a vehicle that sells for over $400,000 the answer? The police force is clearly excited to find out, as evidenced by the Tweet that announced the Lamborghini:

"Latest Dubai patrols, now at your service."