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Amanda Bynes’ parents, Lynn and Rick are reportedly upset about recent comments Kim Kardashian made praising their girl’s drastic transformation.

The E! star and her sisters appeared on Chelsea Lately earlier this week and declared that she was “obsessed” with the wayward star’s “makeover.”

That didn’t sit well with Lynn and Rick, who are worried about her.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

“They thought the remarks Kim Kardashian made were in poor taste and are very upset over it,” a source said, adding that Amanda “is having some sort of crisis.”

That source spoke to Radar Online about Bynes, who yesterday threatened to sue every site or media organization who talked badly about her.


Just saying, Radar source. The alleged insider continues:

“Her makeover is just one example of her troubling behavior. Her parents wish the media would leave Amanda alone, because it’s making the situation worse.”

“Amanda is lost and she refuses to get help. Her parents are powerless to do anything because she is 27 years of age and there is very little they can do.”

So what are they so pissed at Kim for? Well, Kardashian, in a rare moment of candor and personality, gushed the other night that she loves Amanda.

“Am I the only one that is obsessed with her new makeover?” Kim said on Chelsea Lately. “I think she looks amazing. With the blonde hair and those nails?”

Despite being as lively as Kim Kardashian has ever seemed, that felt relatively harmless to some … including Amanda herself, who gave her a shout-out.

“I love the beautiful Kardashian sisters!” she Tweeted.

Still, adds the family source: “Amanda’s parents hope that people, including Kim, would start to show empathy towards their daughter at this time.”

“Even if Kim was joking about Amanda’s appearance, it really isn’t funny. Amanda is in trouble and she doesn’t need to be a punch line in a joke.”