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Lindsay Lohan has an incompetent lawyer representing her. Straight from the mouth of Judge Jim Dabney, the man in charge of her criminal case.

Dabney reamed out Mark Heller, saying he was incompetent to practice law in California and Lohan has to get another lawyer who knows what he’s doing.

That or waive her right to a competent California lawyer. Seriously.

Lindsay and Bader Image

The judge informed Heller he screwed up the legal documents he filed by not following California law, and denied his motion to dismiss Lohan’s case.


Heller tried to blame the previous lawyer, but the judge had none of it, questioning his knowledge of criminal law or competence to handle the case.

To make matters worse, the California lawyer who’s sponsoring Heller to appear in LiLo’s case didn’t show up today, and the judge made note of that.

Prosecutor Terry White made it clear that he’s ready for trial on March 18, where Lindsay Lohan faces jail time for lying to cops and violating probation.

Quick refresher: She wrecked her car in June and said her assistant was driving, which was not true. This also triggered a probation violation, potentially.

Heller pleaded that Lindsay Lohan should be shown both “mercy and compassion,” but offered little in the way of legal specifics … or competence.

There was also no mention made of the ongoing plea bargain negotiations, which Lindsay has put the kibosh on so far because they involve rehab.

She’s a moron, but it sounds like Heller far exceeds her in that arena.