Lindsay Lohan Lying-to-Cops Case: Should She Do Legit Jail Time?

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Lindsay Lohan's attorney will be back in court Friday for a hearing in the actress' latest criminal case, as discussions continue about a possible plea deal.

The 26-year-old isn't required to attend. She's too busy partying.

Just kidding. Although that may not actually be far off at all.

Li-Lo! Li-Lo! Li-Lo!

The hearing is intended to deal with any issues before a March 18 trial on charges that LiLo lied to police about a car crash and was driving recklessly.

Attorney Mark Heller has tried to bargain on his client's behalf, but Lindsay rejected a plea deal that would have required she go to rehab for 30 or 60 days.

Her reason for turning that down? She says she doesn't have a problem, obviously - why seek help when you're totally fine and everything's great?!

Clearly, Lohan and Heller are not in sync here.

Heller alleges that cops didn't read her her rights, which is BS, and wants to delay the case so Lohan can seek psychotherapy and set up her foundation.

Lohan was on probation at the time of the accident and she faces additional jail time if a judge determines she violated her sentence in a 2011 theft case.

Basically, barring another legal Hail Mary or willingness to go to rehab, she could be back behind bars. At least for 88 minutes or so like the last time.

Would that even do Lindsay good, though?

Maybe rehab would take this time, but she hasn't shown much (any) effort to change her ways in the past, and clearly her "jail" visits don't do much.

She's out of control and never takes responsibility for anything. Even ardent LiLo defenders can't deny that. The only question is how to best help her.

If someone doesn't throw the book at her one of these years, will the pattern ever change? If the spiral continues, Lindsay - or others - could get hurt.

Is legit jail time the only answer? Vote:


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