Lindsay Lohan: Going to Jail For Eight Months if She Loses Case

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Lindsay Lohan is rolling the dice big time by turning down a plea deal and taking her lying-to-cops case to trial, because the opposition is not playing games.

Lindsay Lohan in the Courtroom

Prosecutors will ask the judge to throw the book at the star and give her 240 days in jail if she's convicted of lying to cops in her June car accident case.

The L.A. City Attorney will be in court in the event LiLo is convicted. 

If a jury finds her guilty, L.A. prosecutors want her jailed as a result, because she would have clearly violated her probation (for her jewelry heist case).

One of the conditions of her probation is to obey all laws.

Prosecutors want her sentenced to 240 days in jail, and because she's a repeat probation violator, she'd have no way around doing a good part of that.

Current formulas estimate she'd do 60-90 days at least, which is a pretty decent chunk of time considering who and what we're talking about.

Not exactly the 88-minute cup of coffee she's used to, at least.

The Santa Monica City Attorney, which is prosecuting the main lying-to-cops case, will not ask for more jail time if Lindsay Lohan gets the max sentence.

Confused yet? We don't blame you. Another potential twist?

If LiLo is convicted, she'd be placed on probation for another two years, and could once again be required to obey all laws ... clearly an onerous task for her.

Of course, she could just take a plea deal and go to rehab, but she's adamant that she's done nothing wrong and does not have a drug or alcohol problem.

Just posturing? Or actually that delusional? Stay tuned.

We'll see if she blinks when it's time for court today at 11:30 a.m. EST ... that is if she even shows up. If not, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Lindsay Lohan: Should she do jail time?


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