Lindsay Lohan Case: Actual Competent Lawyer Joins Defense Team

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A California lawyer named David Wohl may be Lindsay Lohan's best chance to stay out of jail, and he's trying to come on board her legal team before trial.

Wohl wants to join New York attorney Mark Heller - who the judge reamed out as incompetent - when Lindsay's case comes before the court March 18.

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The judge told Heller at a pretrial hearing to either bring in a California defense attorney who has a clue, or have LiLo waive her right to competent representation.

Michael Lohan found Wohl, who's practiced criminal defense law for 25 years and has offices in Orange County, and he is ready and willing to help. 

Wohl, who has handled cases ranging from shoplifting to murder over his career, has been in daily contact with Heller about the Lindsay Lohan case.

LiLo hasn't given Wohl her stamp of approval ... yet.

But even if she doesn't, TMZ reports that MiLo has asked the attorney to show up in court with Heller anyway to force the issue, so stay tuned there.

The actress is looking at up to eight months in jail for lying to police and violating probation. So far, overtures toward a plea deal have been rebuffed.

One could still be struck at any time before the trial date, or even during the trial, if she actually agrees to go to rehab and get the help she needs.

Don't hold your breath for that scenario, though. Would require Lindsay Lohan using her brain, making a logical decision and being at all self-aware.

Will she go to jail?!


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