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The person(s) responsible for hacking celebrities’ finances apparently like to think of themselves as heroes as well as outlaws … a la Dexter Morgan.

At the top of the hackers’ website is the line, "If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve."

This is one of the most memorable Dexter quotes:

Best Dexter Quote

The hackers’ love for the Showtime series/protagonist apparently runs as deep as their dislike for Michelle Obama, the most famous of their celeb targets.

The website’s source code also apparently includes a link to a hidden YouTube video that doesn’t appear anywhere on the actual page.

The video is the Dexter end credits theme music.


TMZ noted these specifics, though their self-righteous vigilantism – a trait exhibited by Michael C. Hall’s serial killer character – is common among hacktivists.

The motto on their Twitter, in Russian, also translates to "F**k the police."

Among those hacked: FLOTUS, Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Al Gore, and Hulk Hogan.

No one knows how or why those victims were selected.

The FBI says an aggressive investigation is underway and is encouraging all high-profile celebrities and government officials to LOCK DOWN their accounts ASAP.