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Michelle Obama has been hacked in an alarming breach of security by unknown cyber-assailants who have disclosed the First Lady’s financial information.

The hackers also obtained and published financial info on Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities.

A website run by the hackers has posted Michelle’s credit report, social security number, phone numbers, banking and mortgage info and credit card details.

Michelle Obama on a Stage

The website also hacked V.P. Joe Biden’s history, but the info they were able to obtain was extremely limited in his case (unlike Michelle Obama‘s).

The motives of the hacker(s) could be more than sporting.


If you click on Michelle’s name, the website reads:

“Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”

Not fans of President Barack Obama, apparently.

Also, law enforcement sources say the hackers are not just posting the details they uncovered for kicks – they’ve been “using” the credit information.

It’s unclear how, but the hackers have obtained celebs’ personal banking information as well as SSNs, which could be enough to withdraw cash.

The FBI has been “aggressively investigating” the case, which is appropriate, as another one of the many victims is FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Apparently the FBI knew about the hackers and their operation before they went public, and a federal investigation was already underway in the case.

Not sure if that makes it better or worse …