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Tom Cruise’s $50 million lawsuit against a tabloid is getting uglier by the day, as the media group who owns Life & Style is fighting back hard against him.

Cruise sued Bauer Media Group in October after L&S ran a story suggesting he “abandoned” daughter Suri Cruise after his split from Katie Holmes.

Now, both sides are gearing up for a court battle, and the celebrity gossip publisher is demanding a LONG list of information from the movie star.

Tom Cruise in 2015
Photo via Getty Images

Specifically, Bauer Media wants to legally establish “the extent to which Tom Cruise was in contact with Suri following his separation and divorce.”


Moreover, it wants to know what role Tom’s membership in the Church of Scientology played in decisions re: communicating and visiting with Suri.

Bauer’s attorney Alonzo Wickers also demands to know what Suri’s mental and emotional state was after her parents’ separation and divorce.

He also wants to examine the actor’s history of filing lawsuits.

Cruise’s lawyer insists that “Tom doesn’t go around suing people. He’s not a litigious guy,” but in this case, the L&S claim was libelous and damaging.

He wants Life & Style to reveal its “anonymous” sources.

Cruise’s camp also wants to know Bauer’s policies regarding obtaining information from sources, paying those contacts and verifying their credibility.

The actor’s attorney also vowed to explore the publisher’s alleged history of “bigotry and hatred toward minority religious groups and their members.”

The increasingly complex case could actually go to trial if motions to dismiss are denied and settlement isn’t reached before that. Stay tuned.