Brendan Fraser: Broke! Fighting Afton Smith Child Support Payments!

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Once a huge box office draw (for reasons unknown), Brendan Fraser is now close to broke and fighting to reduce his huge alimony and child support payments.

Brendan Fraser, Afton Smith

Currently starring in the animated movie Escape from Planet Earth, Fraser owes $900,000 A YEAR to Afton Smith ... and says he can't pay close to that.

The actor settled his divorce with her in 2009, but insists he can’t cover the costs he initially agreed to because he’s no longer earning that kind of cash.

Fraser says that recent setbacks have left him almost "broke."

According to the New York Post, Afton Smith isn't buying it.

She claims that Brendan is hiding money from her, despite “medical issues” that he cited as another reason for why his career has been in free fall.

The duo was married for nearly 10 years and has three children together, sons, Griffin, 10, Holden, 8, and Leland, 6. Here's hoping they work it out.

The 44-year-old Fraser is also locked in a separate court battle with producer Todd Moyer, who is suing him for an alleged physical attack last year.