Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap: The Truth Comes Out

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And just like that, the third season of Teen Mom 2 is in the books.

Monday, we learned for sure who fathered Jenelle Evans' baby, whether Chelsea passed her GED, and whether there's any hope for Corey and Leah.

How did it play out? Find out in THG's +/- Season 3 finale recap!

Jenelle Sad

Jenelle Evans' supposed baby daddy Andrew Lewis was convinced he wasn’t Jace’s dad last week, when she planted that seed of doubt in his mind.

He even notes that Jace looks nothing like him! OMG! Total proof! Minus 10 for doing that in front of Jace, who he hasn't seen in years anyway.

Jenelle wants to settle the argument once and for all, in the interest of giving her something to do on the show this week, so she schedules a paternity test.

The results come in: Andrew is 99.999999 percent Jace’s father! Which everyone knew anyway before MTV contrived this charade! Minus 90.

Plus 20 because Andrew is terrified of Babs. That's not faked for TV.

Lewis says he will be there for Jace, visiting and paying child support, etc., but we all know he has not and will not keep those promises, so eff him.

Minus 1,000 for not stepping up and being a dad even a little bit.

Kailyn Lowry‘s ex, Jo Rivera, tells her he has a letter from his girlfriend Vee, who wants to get along and be on good terms for all of their sakes.

Kails still refuses to meet Vee, or have Isaac around her. Minus 40.

In an honest moment, she says a letter from Vee “makes it real” that Jo has moved on. Plus 80 because it's not about the jealousy, but more complex.

At Isaac’s birthday party at Kailyn’s house, Jo shows up and meets Kailyn’s current boyfriend Javi Marroquin. Everyone is very civil, so Plus 20.

Still, Kail ... you may have to meet Vee now, since she's been dating Jo for several months and Isaac is clearly hanging around Javi. Just saying.

The drama comes at Isaac's second party, at his dad's house. She reminds Jo that Vee is NOT a mother figure for their son. Oy vey. Minus 30.

Leah and Corey Crying

Leah Messer tells everyone close to her that she’s pregnant again ... and that includes her ex-husband Corey Simms. That's not gonna go well.

Corey puts on his best happy face (not really) and says “congratulations” to his former spouse when she says she is now engaged to Jeremy Calvert.

He says he’s happy for her, but when she ALSO reveals that she’s pregnant again? Plus 70 for the genuine emotion as Corey tears up at the news.

Like Kailyn, it's finally hitting him that his ex is moving on for good. Simms' tears may even have Leah wondering if she is moving on too fast.

“I’m never going to love someone like I love Corey,” she says the next day ... which is always a great thing when you're engaged to someone else. Minus 40.

Jeremy is excited to be a first-time dad, at least. Plus 30.

Corey, after talking to his dad, spills his guts to Leah and puts everything on the line. Plus only 20, because as gutsy as that was, it's too little too late.

It’s clear they both have feelings for each other and probably shouldn’t jump into their next relationships ... but obviously they already have. Minus 120.

Chelsea Houska's moment of truth has arrived.

Worried about leaving Aubree in the care of someone else for the first time, the daycare she visits seems like a very nice environment for her. Plus 30.

As she awaits the final scores of her GED test, Chelsea passes her beauty school entrance exam and gets accepted into beauty school! Plus 70.

She passed the GED! Everything is coming together! Plus 130.

She’s officially done with baby daddy Adam Lind! Plus 250.

Well, at least for now we'll let ourselves believe that.

MTV will begin Teen Mom 2 Season 4 on February 18, with a reunion special next Monday night to fill the gap. Basically, no offseason! Plus 200.


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