Teen Mom 2 Recap: Who's Your Daddy?

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Paternity issues were kind of big on last night's Teen Mom 2.

As one of MTV's fab four learned that she is pregnant again, another came to question whether the father of her child was actually the father after all.

By process of elimination, that can only be Jenelle Evans.

What did she discover that led her to question Jace's lineage? Who's knocked up and what were the others up to? Find out now in THG's +/- recap!

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After her blow-out fight with Amber on last week's episode, Jenelle finds another roommate in her friend Hannah Inman. They actually seem normal! Plus 10.

Until Jenelle gets a call from baby daddy Andrew Lewis, who has been out of Jace’s life. He says he wants to see him, and pay support. Wow. Plus 20.

But Jenelle Evans drops a bomb: Andrew may not be the dad. She had a hookup in there with Tori's ex, who then skipped town, so there's that. Minus 70.

Andrew, who hasn’t seen his own son in years, agrees to take a paternity test to establish whether or not Jace is his. Babs is on board. STAY TUNED!

Leah Messer is, like, so thrilled about her engagement, and since Jeremy really wants babies, so she took her IUD out. Already. Oye oye oye. Minus 90.

Leah takes a pregnancy test! It's positive! She's pregnant!

This is the one she loses, we're pretty sure ... although she is actually pregnant again right now as well. Hard to keep track with Ms. Messer Calvert.

Jeremy takes her on a romantic cabin getaway in Tennessee for their first trip together alone. He brings her breakfast in bed ... and an engagement ring!

Plus 150. Let's just hope she and Jer make this work. Please.

Kailyn Lowry thinks Javi Marroquin is really cute on their group date and ends up going on a first date with him, one-on-one. He's a keeper, this one! Plus 20.

The best sign? Javi's not worried about Kailyn having Isaac, or her complicated relationship with Jo Rivera. Marroquin is a mature individual clearly. Plus 10.

Javi and Issac meet! When they get together at an arcade, Isaac keeps talking about dinosaurs, a clear sign that Javi has passed the toddler test. Plus 20.

Kailyn also takes Isaac to get his first haircut. Ever. Plus 10.

Chelsea Houska isn’t celebrating Adam Lind's birthday with him for the first time in like ever. Shocker: She's feeling sorry for herself again. Minus 40.

Thinking some friend time would help distract her, she thought wrong. She actually CRIES HERSELF TO SLEEP OVER THIS DOUCHE. Minus 20.

Fortunately, she's feeling good about her GED tests. Cross your fingers that she can at least nail those down and reap the benefits for good. Plus 10.


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