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A professor at West Liberty University gave her students a take-home assignment this week, attaching to it research options that ban two supposed news outlets from being used as a source.

The first is The Onion, an openly satirical (and hilarious) website.

The second? Fox News.

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In the assignment criteria, Stephanie Wolfe reportedly writers that “the tagline Fox News makes me cringe,” a viewpoint that upsets President Robin Capehart. He tells WTOV:


“One of our values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion.

“Any attempt to limit the breadth of a student’s ability to investigate is obviously something at which we have a concern.”

Parents have also sent local media outlets letters and emails that complain about the bias, saying it’s unfair to actively tell students which direction to lean politically.

(NOTE: This complaint, of course, tacitly acknowledges that Fox News leans to the Right, but we’ll ignore that for the time being.)

Wolfe is taking the place of another instructor who is on leave and is only with the college for one year.

What do you think of limiting the research options of students in such a way? Fair or foul?

In other Fox News news: Megyn Kelly is pregnant again!