Montana Miracle Stain: Tide Super Bowl Ad "Stars" NFL Legend

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Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and bona fide NFL legend Joe Montana made an appearance at the 2013 Super Bowl in a commercial for Tide.

Sort of.

Montana showed up as a "miracle" stain in Tide's ad, during which a guy spills food on his white Montana Jersey and a perfect likeness of Joe's face appears.

Soon after comes the press conference, news stories and everyone making a huge deal out of it. Surprisingly, Montana did not make an actual cameo.

But it's definitely him. Take a look at the image blown up:

Montana Miracle Stain

Where does this Tide spot rank among 2013 Super Bowl commercials?

Maybe better than average. There were some better commercials, but this is certainly above the God Made a Farmer spot and the GoDaddy one. Yeesh.

Below Super Bowl blackout Tweets though. Those were the best.