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Keira Knightley is over the moon about the royal baby. Not that we blame her.

In the March issue of Marie Claire, she gushes over the future child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, even if she doesn’t really get the monarchy in general:

“I’m over the moon about the royal baby, but I really can’t mount an argument in favor of the monarchy. Is that treason? Do I have to turn in my passport?”

Keira Knightley: A Snapshot
Photo via Getty Images

Hopefully not. We’d hate to see Keira, who recently got engaged to Klaxons keyboardist James Righton, to have to wed outside her native England.


“I could have six fake weddings,” she said of the big day. “God, that would be expensive. We’re not really big-wedding types. I don’t need to have all that.”

What types are they, then?

“I’m not someone who listens to a lot of music. But I get wonderful perspective by being with someone who is less like me than more like me,” she said.

“The way he thinks, I don’t get. We come at things from totally different angles.”

Speaking of which, sort of: “[The paparazzi are] not going to get a shot of me falling out of my knickers as I’m coming out of a club,” Knightley declared.

Challenge issued, celebrity gossip photographers.