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Leah Messer gave birth to a baby girl February 4. Or so we’re told.

Reports circulated through celebrity news media that she went into labor during the Super Bowl and welcomed a daughter – her third – the next day.

She never actually commented on it herself, though … until now!

Leah, Jaylan Pic
Photo via Instagram

Sort of.

“I need a tan now that I’m all skinny and such! LOL,” the Teen Mom 2 star wrote to a Twitter follower this week, regarding her plans to go on a cruise.


That’s got to mean she’s no longer pregnant, right? We’ll take it.

It’s a little surprising that the new wife of Jeremy Calvert has yet to share any pictures of their new addition, or her name for that matter, but we’ll take it.

Given the alternative, we totally respect Leah Messer‘s (in)actions.

Sure, maybe she’s just holding out for a big tabloid photo deal/announcement, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few details private, too.

Take note, Jenelle Evans. Please … just take note.

And congratulations again, Leah and Jeremy!

What do you think the little girl’s name is?!