Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Recap: Kanye First, Dragon Boat Race Second

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After Kourtney's breast milk took center stage a week ago, the Kardashian family really got the competitive juices flowing instead on last night's episode.

Sometimes a little sibling rivalry can be fun, but when there are double-digit siblings named Kardashian and Jenner, things can get out of hand quickly.

Come along for THG's Kourtney & Kim Take Miami recap!

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Picture

Kris, Kylie, Brandon, Leah and Bruce Jenner all show up to be on Kim and Kourtney's team in the annual Miami Dragon Boat Race for charity.

Because Leah was feeling ill, Kourtney assumed her step-brother's wife was pregnant. Not the case. Way to jump to conclusions Kourt. Minus 30.

Kourtney: "Kim has called a practice session on a conference table, pretending the table is a boat. Because she's crazy." Yes. Yes she is. Plus 40.

Tension is riding high. Bruce really wants to win this thing … it's like he really wants to one-up his famous stepdaughters just once. Hard to blame the man.

Scott: "That's a bunch of people paddling around like lost people who fell off a big boat. I need some speed, baby!" Plus 20.

Lord Disick didn't want to participate in the race. Bruce tells him to "man up." Plus 20.

Kanye West surprises Kim Kardashian with a visit and Kim has to back out of the dragon boat race, setting up the time-honored boyfriend vs. family tension.

Kim insists Kanye comes before her family. Anyone believe that? Minus 70.

Kim: "That's one of Kanye's mottos: don't f*ck with me." How original. Minus 30.

Later, Kim said she could participate after all, but new team captain Bruce decided to teach her a lesson and not let her join. This guy is on a roll. Plus 50.

Kim then shows up on the day of the race with her own team, an idea she totally pulled off on her own and without the help of any producers. Minus 200.

"We'll have fun, but you also have to realize that winning is fun," says Bruce. Plus 40 for proving he's still got some competitive spirit after all these years.

The race was a close one, but somehow Team Bruce managed to win - and made sure that Kim never heard the end of it. Gotta give it up for the old man. Plus 40.

Scott: "My whole life I lived by myself, now I have to live with 90 of you people." Plus 320.

Scott: "I truly do love every person in her family. It's just hard to love them all when they're in the same room." Plus 100 more.


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