Katherine Webb Swimsuit Photos: Making a Splash!

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Katherine Webb's career is already taking a dive. Literally.

We've got swimsuit photos of the beauty queen on the set of ABC's new celebrity diving show, Splash! Yes, that's a real show, and she's really on it!

Katherine Webb Making a Splash

The show premieres March 19, and while you may think "C-list celebrities jumping into a pool and being judged sounds like the worst reality show ever," consider this:

Katherine Webb is on it. Bam. Thank you and goodnight.

Check out more shots from the Splash set right now:

Katherine Webb Diving
Katherine Webb on Splash
Katherine Webb in Bathing Suit Photo
Katherine Webb Gets Wet

Is she any good? Does it matter? We have no idea, and no.

All it took was little ogling by Brent Musberger and she went from totally anonymous to Splash's biggest draw - and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Gotta love America. And Katherine Webb bikini photos.

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