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A gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital has been accused of secretly videotaping his patients via a tiny pen camera, based on the report of an employee who witnessed this disgusting act.

According to The Associated Press, this unnamed employee told her bosses of what she saw on February 4.

The witness claims Dr. Nikita Levy had been recording exams of his patients at a Hopkins clinic and, adding to the unusual story, was found dead in his home on February 18 of a suspected suicide.

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A letter from Dr. Paul B. Rothman, CEO of the hospital, was submitted to The Associated Press yesterday and detailed how security personnel interview Levy in his office on February 5 after being notified of the employee’s report.

Devices similar to a pen camera were spotted inside the office.

Levy was subsequently banned from patient contact and escorted away.

The Baltimore Police Department was notified of the situation and the letter says it found large amount of multimedia evidence in Levy’s possession.

Since this act came to light, over 2,000 patients of the late doctor have called a hotline set up by Johns Hopkins and class action lawsuits have also been filed against the hospital.

There’s no evidence at this time that anyone else was involved or that the recordings were posted online, but investigators are looking into those issues.